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CONTACT BIDQA today, and you could have new test results by tomorrow!

Do you have the necessary QA resources available exactly when you need them? Most companies have in-house QA resources in place, but not nearly enough to tackle QA spikes right before each release cycle.

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BIDQA provides On-Demand QA solutions to small and large companies alike. Companies team up with our professional testing team for multiple purposes:

  • during crunch times that require extensive QA

  • start-up times to develop a testing strategy

  • completely outsource QA functions to us with an option to acquire the team at a later stage.

We bring great value to the table as the cost is limited to the actual times On-Demand resources are working on your project. No extra hiring, training, or maintaining of extra resources is necessary.



BIDQA scheduling model provides On-Demand resources at a very competitive rate, as we can scale resources for your projects at any time with almost zero overhead, passing the savings to you.

Getting your QA up and running is incredibly easy and risk-free! Just specify your requirements (e.g. software, devices, team skills, team size, and/or other attributes) and provide any information you think your team will need in order to get started, such as specs and test cases. Your team will perform testing and provide you an estimate after day one. If you don't see the ROI you are looking for in the first 5 days, you don't pay.

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We deliver Expert, Cost-Effective, Convenient and Scalable QA on short notice with virtually no management from you and no minimum contract.


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